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Yes that's me heavily Photoshoped naturally elcome to Business Recall, you've probably had a long journey with this 'having a website built' thing. Bet you've been looking all over the place. Wish you had a friend that did this sort of thing so you could feel more comfortable about making the next move? Pretty much at your wits end with it, right? Believe me your one of many disillusioned by the Internet.

Well here I am Anthony Lawrence, friends call me Ant and I think all of the people I have worked for over the years would call me a trusted friend. I really do care about the design work I do and the people and business's that I share time with. I want to do everything I can to make your website totally different to anything else that you or your customers will find on the Internet today. A website that you can feel close to and proud of.

I use a design technique called SO-HTML (Static Optimised Hyper Text Markup Language) in simple terms a way of taking beautiful simple custom designed illustrations and combining them with properly developed text content. The end result is a website with minimum script and maximum visual and 'read' impact. None of my websites are built from off the shelf templates, they are all custom built.

A new lease of life for your business from as little as £600

A little list of some of the websites I have built over the years including: Canine Angel - Kick Start Boot Camp - Soul Trader - Cassian Consultancy Services - Kevin Mitchell Photography - Stable Label - Bling My Bathroom - The Mindful Road and my own personal hobby site Survival King.

The bulk of my work is based on my website design consultancy service where I take a look at your existing website and put over 13 years of experiance into an easy to undertand report of what could help you and your website prosper. These reports are not cut-n-paste I really do go through everything on your website manually and break it down for you.

I will be offering my
website design consultancy service at an affordable flat rate of £150 from the start of 2013.

Just drop me a line....

Before I go any further I'll offer you a simple 'Help me Ant' form, so you can drop me a line about any work you want doing. I prefer to use email as my main form of communication, it makes things nice and simple and it gives me time to offer a detailed response. Many of you will be here through referrals so if you could just include the name of the your referral I'll pass on the thanks.

I guarantee your privacy with any form of communication to Business Recall. Your details will never be shared with anyone else without your permission.

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60 Winks FREE online publications to help you make the most of your website and make your business grow.This could help you...

Now, If you are still reading I might have something that will interest you, it's the FREE online publication side of Business Recall, called '60Winks' and no I promise it won't send you to sleep (well, maybe a little). You will find publications that I produce solely for the purpose of helping business owners, like yourself, to understand how to get the most from your websites.

Please take the time to have a look at this publication, it's likely to benefit your website and business hugely if you take it onboard.

Meet 'FLASH', he's good at getting nowhere slowly

If you don't fancy spending on a new website why not make the most of my new consultancy service, so you can make the most of what you've already got.

For just £150 I will spend upwards of 3 hours going through every aspect of your website and finding areas that can be improved in both search optimisation and overall design (including graphics). This is an unbeatable consultation package for any business, the best £150 you will ever spend and I really mean that. The report will be delivered directly to your email as a PDF document. Remember this is a manual service, I really do spend upwards of 4 hours getting the report together so please expect a short wait. My present lead time is 3 weeks from the time of booking.

Your website is probably the most important and cost effective market tool you will own so why not make the most of it?

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